Flagship Flags
San Diego, California

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Snap Type Model Cost
Nylon Snaps   2 3/8" SNP0400 $1.50
Cast Brass 3 1/2" SNP1000 $4.50
Cast Brass 4 3/4" SNP1100 $6.95
Snap Covers 3 1/2" White SNP0500 $2.10
Snap Covers 3 1/2" Bronze SNP0503 $2.25


Halyard Rope

A complete line of halyards designed to meet the rigorous requirements of flagpole use. All halyards are made of solid braid construction with a smooth surface providing a firm, round, lock-stitched cross section that hold its shape under load.

This is a light weight, solid braid multifilament halyard with good resistance to abrasion and rot.

Wire core halyard incorporates multistranded 3/32" galvanized aircraft cable inside the halyard, decreasing the chances of halyard failure caused by abrasion or cutting.

Halyard Type Model Cost per foot
1/4"  Polypropylene White  HAL0100   0.50c
5/16" Polypropylene White HAL0300   0.60c
3/8"  Polypropylene White HAL0400   0.75c
1/4"  Wire core         White HAL0750 $1.10c


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Courtesy FCI